Thursday, 19 July 2012

Its just that kind of parcel

hey, so you know how you just feel lucky when you get a parcel? well I got that big time when I received this one. so why don't you take look at this photo of the box and try to figure out why.

hint : 
vvvrrrooommm vvvrrrooommm, its big! its shiny! its got about 100 horse power! its a ..............big!........fat!........lie!
you did see that coming right ? I mean I'm 13 years old for crying out loud ! oh yeah that's the other thing I'm thirteen.   

Monday, 16 July 2012

An Apology

First I just want to say ......   I AM BACK !!!!!!!!
Now for the apology I AM SORRY I AM SORRY I AM SORRY FOR NOT GOING ON THE BLOG FOR SO LONG. So you probably want to no what has gone on while ......... let's say, I was away. So here's a quick preview:
We have another dog he is a poodle and his name is Tango.
My horse, Amber, died :(
I am going to do archery :)
Our bus is registered and nearly ready to go camping!
Ummm, oh and Charlie and Tango had a litter pups. In fact, there is another blog that is called Avalon Labradoodles and the photos are so cute :) But unfortunately they are all sold :( .

So what do you think? I hope you forgive me, se ya.        

Saturday, 29 October 2011

Ups and Downs of Exciting Events.

So it's Halloween this weekend and I thought I'd tell you my experience with events like this.

We're getting ready to celebrate Halloween. My cousin and aunty are coming out! BUT.....

The decorations aren't finished. The food hasn't been made. I feel like I can't hear with all these thoughts going through my head. It's like trying to see through a whole herd of bumble bees. And even though there are only a few decorations to put up and one tray of muffins to make, to me it seems like a lot to do.

I feel like when I finally finish one thing, I need to do another thing. Even if there's nothing else to do, I'll make up something new that needs to be done.

I feel my energy go up and down all day long. And I get so worked up that I feel like post-Christmas blues, before we've even started to celebrate.

While I'm putting the decorations up I'm trying to remember all the things I want to tell my cousin when she gets here, because I know from a lot of her past visits that many of my thoughts will fly out the window like disturbed bats, by the time she gets here. And no, writing a list doesn't help because you have to remember to write on that list. It's like you have to make a thousand other lists just to remember that one list.

Anyway, I finish putting up the decorations, when I hear my aunty's car coming up the driveway. All of a sudden my heart skips a beat. Thoughts rush through my head like those crazy dogs that chase their own tails (no offense to anyone who has one of those, I'm sure they're just fine.) Then I run out to greet my aunt and cousin.

Once I get to their car, as usual, most of the things I wanted to say are lost somewhere in the wilderness, which is frustrating because I feel like I can't enjoy them being here without saying what I wanted to say. Well, actually, I will enjoy them being here because it's nice to see them, but for those first few seconds I feel like all is lost and I am doomed.

The creepy part of Halloween is very disturbing to me and I'm not going to talk about that now, because then I'll start thinking about it, and I don't want that.

I love celebrating and love seeing my relatives and friends. Even with some hurdles, I still have a good time in the end.

So, Happy Halloween peoples!

Thursday, 25 August 2011


So I heard that some of you guys over on the other side of the world were wondering what it's like in Australia. Now, you've probably all heard of the Aussie Kangaroo and that they live in our backyards and stuff, but actually they don't. Well they do for me, but not for everyone.

It's not red deserty everywhere you go either. And the one thing irritates me the most is that we don't get snow for Christmas. I know, sooo terrible, isn't it?

Now, I think that's enough negative stuff. You know there's a lot of good stuff as well.... like baking cookies, and driving on the wrong side of the road (well, for you). And we get six weeks of no school at Christmas time. But mum just told me now that you guys get three months holidays in summer!!!!!!!!! Man, you guys are spoilt with holidays. We only get six weeks!


Wednesday, 17 August 2011

A Kookaburra's Laugh

I sit on my bed on a misty morning. Crisp, fresh air, seeping through the open window. Everything is quiet. Then in the distance I hear the faint sound of a Kookaburra's laugh. What a beautiful laughing sound.

This is a link to a video of  Kookaburra laughing :

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

A Broken Toe

There I was .... dragging a bucket of water .... in the middle of a drought. Thirsty as ever. Saliva evaporating more with every step I took. Then ....

There it was. A beautiful house with a lovely knee-high rock wall. I'm getting closer and closer. I can almost taste the water in my mouth, but then ....

I trip over. The weight of the water in the bucket drags me to one side and I fall to the ground. The water spills. I lay there. In agony as I watch the water get soaked up by the dry ground.

Suddenly all the pain seems to be going to one place. My toe. Fourth one along to be exact.

So here I am now, two days later, with a broken toe.

Monday, 20 June 2011

On One Quiet and Still Afternoon.

On one quiet and still afternoon,
A Kookaburra calls from a distance,
Through the cool, chilly air.

On one quiet and still afternoon,
There is a far away crunch of an Anticliner,
Dashing through the leaves.

On one quiet and still afternoon,
A clan of crickets,
Chat amongst themselves.

On one quiet and still afternoon,
A cosy candle glow,
Flows throughout a cottage window.